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5 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning Up After Dinner

5 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning Up After Dinner

You know what’s almost as bad as facing a dirty kitchen when it’s time to cook dinner? Facing that dirty kitchen after you’ve cooked said dinner. The unfortunate consequence of a making a home-cooked meal is the mess having to clean the pots, the pans, the counters, etc.
Cleaning up after dinner is no fun. Sometimes the allure of “letting stuff soak” turns into a well-deserved night of neglecting the dirty kitchen until you drift off to sleep watching Netflix and barely manage to relocate to the bed when the credits start rolling. 
The problem is, then, you’re going to have to face that dirty kitchen in the morning and that’s not a pleasant way to start the day. It really is best to just get it all done in the same night. Here are a few tips to help.

1. Keep a bowl of warm, soapy water by the sink while you cook

This way, as you’re finished using smaller stuff (utensils and measuring spoons, for example), you can slip them right into the bowl. Doing so will keep the bottom of your sink clear of clutter (more space for you to work and rinse bigger dishes!) and make it easier to clean these items when it’s time.

2. Clean the big stuff first

Chances are, that mountain of dishes only looks giant because a few big pots are taking up a lot of space. Start by washing the biggest things first and you’ll see how much progress you’re making right away. This won’t be so bad. I promise.

3. Set a timer

Cleaning up takes way less time than you think it does. Set a timer for five or 10 minutes and clean what you can before it dings.

4. Don’t be afraid to call in the reinforcements

It’s 2020, which means there are lots of incredibly effective products out there to help you. Kitchen’s Lifestyle Director, Lisa Freedman, recently fell hard for this new Dawn Power wash spray, which really helps to eliminate the need for scrubbing. And plenty of staffers use these Bottle Bright tabs for cookware, too. The point? Some jobs call for a little more than regular ol’ soap and water. Arm yourself with the right tools/cleaners and the tasks will be much easier.

Buy: Dawn Ultra Platinum Power wash Dish Spray Bundle, $9 at Bed Bath & Beyond

5. Remind yourself that waiting only means more work later

Waiting to clean up after dinner doesn’t just put it off until later; doing so actually makes the task harder than it needs to be. When food dries on dirty dishes, counters, and the stove it’ll take longer to clean and require more effort. Do you feel like cleaning right now? No. But will it be more for Future You if you put it off? Yes, certainly.

This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: 5 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning Up After Dinner


The Best Apartment Bedding for Making Your Space Feel More Like You

The Best Apartment Bedding for Making Your Space Feel More Like You

If Apartments are known for one thing, it’s their less-than-ideal size. Having to share a room with several other people is never easy, but there are still ways to make a space your own, no matter how small it may be. This is, no doubt, a weird year for going back to school or starting University, but when you do finally move into your Apartment, the most important part of furnishing it is having comfortable bedding that makes your space feel cozy. Ultimately, you want your choice to turn your dorm into a place you’ll always feel good about going home to.

Because Apartments are usually pretty limited in space, creating a sleeping and studying arrangement that works for you is extremely important. I’m not just talking a set of sheets here either but all the bells and whistles that’ll make your experience more comfortable, whether that’s through special pillows, relaxing foam toppers, or comforters with pockets for corralling your bedside essentials. Below you’ll find 5 different bedding items to help you set up the perfect space for everything from snoozing to snacking.

1. Printed microfiber sheet set

Soft sheets are one thing, but soft sheets that come in cool patterns make all the difference. Since the price for this set is so wallet-friendly, you might as well stock up with two or three styles so you can switch it up when you’re wanting a different vibe.

2. Favorite tee striped reversible duvet bundle

Buying a coordinating set makes things much easier than trying to source everything on your dorm supplies list piecemeal. This kit’s basic bundle comes with a sheet set, sham, and duvet cover. The deluxe builds on the basic with a bath towel set and a water-resistant shower caddy, both of which will be much needed.

3. Ribbed plush bed blanket

You can’t always count on those old radiators to keep you warm when fall and winter roll around. Instead, you can bet on this ultra soft and cozy blanket to wrap yourself in. Be warned though this throw may make it harder to roll out of bed for class!

4. Memory foam lavender-infused mattress topper

Having a foam topper can make a world of a difference in how well you sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or are often under a lot of stress, this special topper is infused with lavender to calm you down when you curl up.

5. Greenery duvet set

While you might not be able to take all your plant babies with you to college, you can at least channel their vibrant green color through your bedspread. This stylish leaf patterned duvet cover also comes with one pillowcase in its Twin XL size and doesn’t require sunlight or regular watering (other than washing)!

If You’re Going to Read One Book In May, Make It This One!

Warmer weather is finally here, and it’s the ideal time of year not too hot, not too cold to find a comfortable outdoor spot and cozy up with a new book. Try some of May’s best new book releases to help fill your days with sun and plenty of exceptional literature. 

One book to take special note of this month: “Things We Lost to the Water,” Eric Nguyen’s debut novel. Nguyen’s story spans three decades and chronicles the lives of a Vietnamese refugee family. Who later fled to the U.S. “Things We Lost to the Water” is a lustrous portrait of first and second-generation immigrant life in America — full of joy, sorrow, secrets, and deceits — and showcases one family’s desire to survive in life and with each other.

The novel starts with a pregnant Huong arriving in 1979 New Orleans alongside her young son. She traveled without her husband, Cong, still in Vietnam, and Huong is jobless, disoriented, and without a home. After settling into an apartment building filled with other Vietnamese refugees, she’s hopeful that she will soon reunite with her husband, and so Huong begins sending tapes and letters back to Cong in Vietnam. However, she soon realizes that Cong will not be joining them in the U.S., and while Huong tries to come to terms with his absence, her two sons, Tuan and Binh, must grow up without their father. 

Nguyen’s powerful and moving debut touches on immigration, racism, finding one’s identity both as a family and an individual, and what brings people together (and pushes them apart).