Transitioning from high school to university

Transitioning from high school to university is one of the hardest things we can go through at such a young age. The change alone is tough. The change in pace, the abundance of material you’re absorbing, the people you’re surrounded with; these are all changes we find when we begin university. Throw in an additional change in where you’re living? That’s a huge uproot on top of the already large changes in your life. You want to find somewhere that will make moving less of a stressor and more of a saving grace. Aria is your answer. 

The Amenities

The amenities that come with living at Aria are bountiful. The building is situated right above a Save-On-Foods grocery store, making grocery shopping easier than can be, that alone is a huge bonus. We all get busy sometimes, especially if you’re a working university student. The convenience of not just having a grocery store close, but within your building is unbelievably substantial. Plus, save money on grocery delivery by living somewhere where you don’t even have to leave the building to pick up tonight’s dinner. There’s no more ‘stopping on your way home’ when the grocery store is literally at your home. On top of having such a crucial necessity directly in the building, Aria has many more amenities to keep you and guests entertained, and fit. Including a large event kitchen for large parties, or a private kitchen for smaller ones. The courtyard has not one, not two, but EIGHT barbecues. If you’re looking to fry up some patties for your parents in town you can do just that while enjoying the outdoors. There are two separate spaces to stay in shape, the fitness facility and the yoga studio give more of a gym then most apartment complexes. But it doesn’t end there. In the courtyard there is also a pickleball court and a bocce court for more space for fitness. For the kids, there’s a fenced in play area. Let the kids play while you and your partner play some pickleball! Finally, take a break and spend some time in the lounge or the games room to forget about work, school assignments, or just the daily stressors in life. The courtyard alone deserves a highlight because my oh my is it beautiful. Grab a drink from the Land Yacht and sit around the fire pit year round with some friends or neighbours!

The Transit System

Although Aria is a ten minute walking distance from the university (lucky you, beating the parking pass prices!), the winters here in Alberta get cold and sometimes you just want to hitch a ride. Luckily, Calgary has a well developed transit system and Aria is directly across the street from a bus station. The university of Calgary is only a six minute bus ride away. If you’re not going from Aria to the main university of Calgary campus, the accessible bus stop makes the rest of Calgary a short trip away. Mapping the trip to the downtown university campus, it’s only a 30 minute bus and train ride. 

The Neighbourhood

If you aren’t one to travel far for entertainment you don’t have to worry. Along with the amenities that come with living at Aria, the businesses and services are sure to keep you entertained. From spin class, to the movie theatre, to many places to eat, there are plenty of places within walking distance sure to make you excited to call University Ave your home. Spend a night at the movies and then head to The Banquet for some drinks and bowling. The Banquet is a brand new bar that gives you a unique experience, within walking distance from both the university and Aria. In the morning, take a walk across the street to Orange Theory for a fitness class and grab a post-workout bite to eat at OEB Breakfast Co, a 4.5 star restaurant according to google with over 180 reviews! Need a new hobby? Monogram Coffee, just down the street, offers classes on topics varying in the art of being a barista. Make your favourite Starbucks drink from home! Or, walk to the one just down the street from you. No matter where you turn on University Ave, you’re sure to find entertainment in some place new. 

Your Home

The apartments in Aria are stunning, the website has virtual tours if my words aren’t enough but let me try to sum it up for you. Modernly, Chic. The Allegro, a one bed one bath space is perfect for a single University student or a young couple. Walk right out of your bedroom to your desk positioned right in between your storage space and pantry in your 532 square feet of home. If you’re a family of four, the Libretto is sure to suit your needs with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. 1124 square feet of spacious apartment living and a balcony to enjoy any time of the year. The Galileo is the most grand apartment with 3 bedrooms, 1148 square feet, and a corner balcony situated right outside the living room. The ceiling to floor windows make it so you don’t even have to step outside to enjoy the view. Whatever home you choose, enjoy the academia aesthetic of these spacious and modern apartments. 

Ultimately, the move to a university town is scary and (unfortunately) expensive. Nowadays, even if you’re on a full ride scholarship, you still have to pay for housing. Whether you’re a twelfth grade student expecting to enrol next fall, or a mother of two looking to go back, it’s a change that needs to bring comfort. University housing is often near the same price as a single apartment and you don’t even have your own bathroom. Make your transition to university and a new town easier by choosing Aria. Along with a beautiful home, you have more amenities that any university would ever offer you all the while being practically right on campus. Let Aria be your saving grace, choose Aria. 

Aria courtyard

Living in ARIA, University District Calgary

Are you looking for a place to call home in Northwest Calgary? Are you endlessly Googling “rentals Calgary,” but nothing piques your interest? End your search with Aria, Northwest Calgary’s impressive mixed-use building right in the center of the University District. The 288 thoughtfully and creatively designed rental apartments on five floors are an eclectic mix of the classics with well-placed urban touches. 

But, the above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to living in Aria. From having everything you need in the apartment complex to the perfect location in the city’s heart, Aria has everything you need to call your home.

The lifestyle you need

Nestled in the city’s heart, Aria’s Luxury University District Calgary Apartments offer a perfect blend of classic form and modern amenities where you can carve a space you can call your own. Aria has everything you need: a large group kitchen and dining area, yoga space, games room, lounge, fenced-in-pet area, BBQ areas inside a 20,000 square feet courtyard, and pickleball court. You also have the convenience of living above the Save-on-Foods grocery store. To top it all off, you’re only minutes away from the University, Park, Hospital, Bus stop, and shopping. 

The perfect layout for you 

With Aria, you can live the way you want to — from one-bedroom to three-bedroom apartments. You can choose the one that works best for your lifestyle. Each suite is equipped with modern kitchens and stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, ample storage, an ensuite washer and dryer, and private balconies, should you want one. All suites are pet-friendly, so no worries about bringing your beloved pets with you.

Whether you prefer a small or a large suite, or Whatever your preference is, Aria Luxury Apartments has the perfect layout for you. 

The Ambience

As a resident of Aria, you can share and enjoy the shared sense of community with your neighbours. You can go to the gym with your friends, trade pet stories at the pet play area, or socialize and relax with your neighbours over cocktails or a glass of wine around the warm outdoor fire pit. You’ll be living the city lifestyle with the charm of a small-town community.

Located in the heart of the city

Aria at the university district’s charm is not only limited to its undeniable stunning architecture and eco-friendly buildings. It’s also home to commercial businesses. These include Save-on-Foods, Monogram Cafe, Scotiabank, Bar Burrito, Curious Hair, Market Wines, Clever Daycare, University District Dental, YYC Cycle Spin Studio, and so much more. So whether you need to do grocery shopping, drop off your kids at daycare or have a trim, everything is in your neighbourhood.

Life the life you want in Aria, University District Calgary

Who says you can’t have it all? With Aria, you can live the city lifestyle with everything at your fingertips but still enjoy the charm and camaraderie of living in a close-knit community. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Enquire now!


The Best Apartment Bedding for Making Your Space Feel More Like You

The Best Apartment Bedding for Making Your Space Feel More Like You

If Apartments are known for one thing, it’s their less-than-ideal size. Having to share a room with several other people is never easy, but there are still ways to make a space your own, no matter how small it may be. This is, no doubt, a weird year for going back to school or starting University, but when you do finally move into your Apartment, the most important part of furnishing it is having comfortable bedding that makes your space feel cozy. Ultimately, you want your choice to turn your dorm into a place you’ll always feel good about going home to.

Because Apartments are usually pretty limited in space, creating a sleeping and studying arrangement that works for you is extremely important. I’m not just talking a set of sheets here either but all the bells and whistles that’ll make your experience more comfortable, whether that’s through special pillows, relaxing foam toppers, or comforters with pockets for corralling your bedside essentials. Below you’ll find 5 different bedding items to help you set up the perfect space for everything from snoozing to snacking.

1. Printed microfiber sheet set

Soft sheets are one thing, but soft sheets that come in cool patterns make all the difference. Since the price for this set is so wallet-friendly, you might as well stock up with two or three styles so you can switch it up when you’re wanting a different vibe.

2. Favorite tee striped reversible duvet bundle

Buying a coordinating set makes things much easier than trying to source everything on your dorm supplies list piecemeal. This kit’s basic bundle comes with a sheet set, sham, and duvet cover. The deluxe builds on the basic with a bath towel set and a water-resistant shower caddy, both of which will be much needed.

3. Ribbed plush bed blanket

You can’t always count on those old radiators to keep you warm when fall and winter roll around. Instead, you can bet on this ultra soft and cozy blanket to wrap yourself in. Be warned though this throw may make it harder to roll out of bed for class!

4. Memory foam lavender-infused mattress topper

Having a foam topper can make a world of a difference in how well you sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or are often under a lot of stress, this special topper is infused with lavender to calm you down when you curl up.

5. Greenery duvet set

While you might not be able to take all your plant babies with you to college, you can at least channel their vibrant green color through your bedspread. This stylish leaf patterned duvet cover also comes with one pillowcase in its Twin XL size and doesn’t require sunlight or regular watering (other than washing)!

If You’re Going to Read One Book In May, Make It This One!

Warmer weather is finally here, and it’s the ideal time of year not too hot, not too cold to find a comfortable outdoor spot and cozy up with a new book. Try some of May’s best new book releases to help fill your days with sun and plenty of exceptional literature. 

Friends walking

One book to take special note of this month: “Things We Lost to the Water,” Eric Nguyen’s debut novel. Nguyen’s story spans three decades and chronicles the lives of a Vietnamese refugee family. Who later fled to the U.S. “Things We Lost to the Water” is a lustrous portrait of first and second-generation immigrant life in America — full of joy, sorrow, secrets, and deceits — and showcases one family’s desire to survive in life and with each other.

The novel starts with a pregnant Huong arriving in 1979 New Orleans alongside her young son. She traveled without her husband, Cong, still in Vietnam, and Huong is jobless, disoriented, and without a home. After settling into an apartment building filled with other Vietnamese refugees, she’s hopeful that she will soon reunite with her husband, and so Huong begins sending tapes and letters back to Cong in Vietnam. However, she soon realizes that Cong will not be joining them in the U.S., and while Huong tries to come to terms with his absence, her two sons, Tuan and Binh, must grow up without their father. 

Nguyen’s powerful and moving debut touches on immigration, racism, finding one’s identity both as a family and an individual, and what brings people together (and pushes them apart).