Built Green

Aria is orchestrating high-level initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Sustainable Building Practices

Built Green Canada is a national, non-profit organization working with builders interested in sustainability practices in the residential building sector. The organization offers programs for single family, renovations, and high density projects, with a communities program under development. These programs are available across the country.

Built Green’s programs include energy efficiency as a fundamental component and then go beyond to include materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water management, and business practices. This holistic approach looks at the “house as a system”— which includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability.

The primary purpose of Built Green Canada is to encourage and enable the use of practices, technologies, and products within the residential building sector that will:

  • Provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution and waste
  • Provide healthier indoor air
  • Reduce water usage
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Improve durability and reduce maintenance